28 September 2007

When religion is schools is too much?

Forced religion in public schools is an old pet peeve of mine, but sometime it is just too much, and I have to join other Romanian bloggers and protest: this is too much. The linked article is written in Romanian, but it contain explicit pictures (scroll down a bit).

[class or church?] [class or church?]

This is supposed to be a "religion laboratory", a special class room where some students spend a large part of their time. And this is in a public school, paid from my money.


  1. Sue... but this is not a case from which you can get any money...

    If I had a kid in that classroom (or that school) probably I would explore some possibilities. However, a Romanian judge probably would be Christian-Orthodox and side with the school, the press bury you... the only hope being to have enough money to spend and go all the way to CEDO (European Court of Human Rights).

  2. Don't forget to mention this issue to 'Solidaritatea pentru libertatea de constiinta', Remus Cernea: remuscernea AT gmail.com, tualegi.eu AT gmail.com, 0727.583.594

  3. _ANY_ religion in schools is too much