01 October 2007

A big FY to the Post Office

A couple of days ago I received at home the PIN from Google AdSense, by snail mail, to enable the payments. Not sure if I should or should be not surprised, the envelope arrived already opened, even if it was marked "Important Account Information Enclosed". What angered me is not that I received it open, but hot brutally it was opened: in one place someone tried to scratch the adhesive tape and it another just broke the paper.

adsense envelope

I don't know who to blame, the Romanian or the US Post, but frankly I don't care: the FY is for everyone involved.

If I was security conscious enough, I know I should contact Google and report the incident, but the money are not enough to worth the effort (of course, they are enough so I received the PIN) and I do not really understand understand the consequences (is not like someone got my credit card PIN) and I'm still protected by my password.

However, I am somewhat amused thinking at the dumbfuck at the Post Office who saw the envelope from Google with "Important Account Information Enclosed" on it, broke it expecting something big and found some information he does not know to use (probably not able even to link my name and Gmail account with a simple Google query).


  1. I am pretty sure the envelope path was not just USA->Romania.

    I am also pretty sure that 99% of romanian postmen(and women) do not speak english, nor do they know who Google is.

  2. You could write to Google and suggest they use plain envelopes. Having printed words on an envelope like "important" "account" or "information" are invitations for corrupt postal workers, government snoopers or opportunistic thieves to open the mail.

    My bank, credit card, and utilities all just send me envelopes often with only a company letterhead. When an envelope has printed on it "important" or "account", it's usually just spam.