22 October 2007

Counting werewolves

I like werewolves as a release name, it kick ass. Totally. I voted for this name. It has a lot of potential. The only bad thing is that such an awesome name will last only for a release cycle (6 months).

So, obviously, when I saw Máirín's cool Werewolf countdown I couldn't stop myself and did one on my own taste and style (only the graphic, it has no working countdown so far):

werewolf werewolf

And there are a lot more ideas to come, watch this space...


  1. nice name. hope it comes true.

  2. Cool werewolf. Did you draw it? Are you going to contribute it to OCAL?

  3. You're really talented. I saw some of your articles in RedHat magazine. Well done!
    So, is Fedora 8 release date set on Nov, 8th?

  4. Yes, AFAIK we are on the course to release on 8 November.

    I don't know if I will put it on OCAL: if I use it as a Fedora symbol maybe OCAL is not the best place... I'll have to think a bit about this. Until then, the SVG is freely available on my own site.