15 October 2007


I don't get the Animax policy, they suck so many ways (schedule, website, program, translation, reruns, technical problems, etc.) like they are trying as much as possible to drive viewers to p2p downloads. The latest straw was to remove the original (Japanese) sound and Romanian subtitles with Romanian dubbing. People are up in arms to the forum protesting.

This is a text book example of corporate (Animax is owned by Sony) idiocy, applying the "one size fits all" principle. They don't get it: the Romanian public prefer the original soundtrack with subtitles, not dubbing. We (with no effect) petitioned Cartoon Network years ago when they did the same.

And it is not like Animax is for kindergarden kids, watching cartoons Saturday morning, its daily shows starts in the evening, at 20:00 (8:00 pm).

So I'll say it again, clear, loudly and in Romanian: Nu vrem programe dublate in limba romana, dati-ne subtitrarile inapoi!

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  1. This happens in Brazil also, people here prefer the subtitled features. All the movie theaters show films in the original language. The only exception is children's titles that are dubbed, but even so some of those get to be subtitled.

    On TV we have the opposite, most of the movies are dubbed, but they usually send the original soundtrack in the SAP (secondary audio Program) track. For English features this is enough for me, but for those that don't have the original language (Japanese for instance) there is the option of using the Closed Caption for subtitles.