24 October 2007

Red Hat Magazine: GIMP 2.4 preview

[gimp]Red Hat Magazine published a preview of the GIMP 2.4 new features I think are the most important, among them: improved selector and crop tools, healing, red eye removal, perspective clone, SIOX extractor.

The truth is, I had in my mind a different schedule and the article was intended to be published earlier and be followed by various tutorials and screencasts, but in the end all went for the good: my article got delayed but also the final GIMP 2.4 release got delayed.
However considering the freeze, most likely Fedora 8 will ship with RC3 and the final release (which for the most part should be identical) will be pushed as an update.
Enjoy Fedora 8 and Enjoy GIMP 2.4!

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