31 October 2007


I promised yesterday a Fedora Games related cartoon, not is the time to keep my word:

[fedora games werewolf]

Did you know we have a strong Games SIG and one of the awesome things coming in Fedora 8 will be an official games spin in the format of a live DVD (and maybe a live CD also)?


  1. cool idea but did the games include any special artwork not already included by the gnome default?
    like for example the fedora themes you drew or any other custom artwork you were keeping just for fedora?

  2. The focus of the Games Spin is to include a lot of games, much more beside the Gnome games (which are part of the Desktop Spin): 3D shooters, strategy and much more.
    For now, the graphics are not customized and probably they will not be: the current Fedora mantra is to stay as close as possible to the upstream.