27 June 2010


On one hand I am somewhat disappointed to see how little reaction is caused when a rockstar from our community like tatica get out and shout her frustration with politics in Fedora LATAM and not only but on the other I am not, knowing how she was driven out of Planet mostly by the same people and now is posting half-anonymously under the "Fedora Venezuela" label.

Back to the topic (yeah, is week-end and everything goes slower, including for me) I know communities are very complex: there are people who I consider the closest ting you call a friend and there are people I despise with all my guts, there are people I have deep respect for and there are people for whom I wont waste 10 seconds of my life learning more about, there are people from whom you can learn a lot and some not so much (and I am sure there are people including me in some of those categories). And just as people, there are happenings that make you feel your day is worthy and happenings that make you want to go away.

Frustration from people and happenings will build and from time to time you see people passing a threshold and reaction: some go in troll-mode and flame everyone and everything, some vent-off with a bang on a list or aggregator, some lose interest and scale back their contributions, some go away silently, some swallow-up and try to continue, some take a long pause, some do a combination of the above. I wonder, when I will pass the threshold (is not a question of "if" but one of "when"), what will be my reaction?


  1. People come and go. It's depressing to see the people you care for to just turn their back and leave. Time changes everybody, but that's no reason for sadness. Everytime a door closes, another one opens.

    Don't take life too serious, nobody got out alive anyway... ;)

  2. The thing is, this is supposed to be fun and we to be excellent to each other. But there are times when us (some of us) are asses to each other...

  3. I hope to be on the "good" side of your people list :) and if not... snif snif.

    Maybe some people understand that my message is a pinch to the apathy that Fedora community has right now... but I'm not going out fedora, neither stop contributing.

    This is a message because I was absent (personal reasons) and I'm back; because I feel that to have a great community of people that works in an altruistic way, there must be NO other interest beside HELP. Maybe I'm asking too much... but like Sheldon Coper said... "What is life without whimsy?"

  4. @tatica: at the time I wrote this, your post had about 15 comments and all of them in Spanish, like it went unnoticed by the people outside LATAM and this is wrong.

    Also, I think I feel frustration in your words and frustration is the enemy of community contributing, we don't want you frustrated.

    PS: you know you are on the "bad" part of my list, now cry :D