27 June 2010

Fedora support

These days a big metal festival is taking place in the city (which unfortunately, for various reasons I didn't attend) so many people are visiting Bucharest, this was a good opportunity opportunity to get out with a couple of friends for some beers. At the pub we were joined by another guy, one of their friends, also visiting the city for the festival and when he saw me wearing the Fedora "splatter" T-shirt he was shocked and asked me why, was that the only T-shirt I had available, I grabbed something randomly or what?

I replied saying I am a Fedora contributor and inquired about his reaction: apparently he hates Fedora in particular and Linux in general (Fedora is his only Linux experience) for being forced to use it at work, for some VoIP software: he has troubles installing apps, wasn't able to install multimedia playback (MPEG codecs) and had read on some forum PulseAudio is crap. I tried to explain the part about users and program installation is good from a sysadmin point of view, explained PulseAudio may be troublesome if you use other crappy distros or playing with advanced stuff like Jack, which is not his case, and introduced Rpmfusion.

Conclusion? He now has my IM address (from the Fedora official business card) and hopefully will call me for precise answers (more than in front of beers). And I can't resist the coincidence with the festival: Rock it!

note: for those not aware, the Fedora 13 slogan is "Rock it!"


  1. Actually, when installing pulseaudio-module-jack PA and JACK get along quite well.

  2. The thing is, as hated by many PulseAudio may be, if you use a default Fedora setup and don't try anything funny, it must just work.