14 June 2010

Will you take a picture with me?

This week-end I had another photo session with my wet Fedora T-shirt one of my models and after the shooting we were enjoying some nice cold drinks after one of the most torrid days so far in this summer (we had ~37°C in Bucharest). Me and her manager were wearing Fedora T-shirts (I got them sold in the community idea, not in the software yet) and much to our amusement a random guy approached us: "please, you you want to take a photo with me?". Intrigued, we accepted.


Then the story unfolded: he knows a woman named "Fedorca", which is an unusual name and everybody in their circle of friends makes fun of her name. So he got the idea to take a photo with us, wearing Fedora T-shirts, then edit the photos and add a "C", then have even more laughs.


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