11 October 2010

'Nightmares By Design' released: quick review

nightmares by design

This morning Severd Fifth released their second album or Free (as in CC-BY-SA) death metal: Nightmares By Design and I think it kicks ass.

I totally agree with Jono (the band founder and also famous for his work on Ubuntu): "This album is way more musical, more accessible, and I think an all-round better album than the first release; I am really proud of it. :-)". Yes, he has what to be proud of.

I also agree with him: "encourage you all to download it, enjoy it, and share it with your friends". Do that.

I just finished listening and here is my first impression, beyond liking it overall: I found some amazing guitar solos in pieces like Foretold Revelation or Politicold (but not only) and I can see myself using things like Forgotten Heroes (skipping a few seconds from the start, where it seems to have some recording problems) as soundtrack for some screencasts, is longer, slower and has, again, cool guitar.

Unfortunately from a technical point of view I wasn't that lucky: I downloaded the Ogg version which does not play smoothly on Fedora 14 + updates: in Totem after some silence it displays an error dialog with "pa_stream_writable_size() failed: Connection termianted", in Rhythmbox after a similar silence it just fails (probably the same error from Pulse Audio), in GNOME MPlayer it won't work saying just "stopped". I managed to listen to it with VLC, where the timing is off - won't display the duration and jump a lot at beginning. Still, the files open correctly in Audacity, so probably Fedora is at fault (I don't have an F13 handy to test).

Update: weird idea... any Free anime (no Blender Foundation stuff is not anime) for an AMV with both Free music and video?


  1. Free Anime, none that I know of.

  2. Holly Smokes! That music really sucks!