22 October 2010

Release party poster for F14 or A story about ninjas

You know what makes a good ninja? His stealth abilities, of course... stay hidden and strike when the time is right... Well, Emily is not only a panda lover great designer, she is a worthy ninja, winner of the Fedora Design bounty, but being so stealthy she does not even a blog so is harder to share her awesome work with the world. This is why I am doing it today.

One of the last missing pieces in the design for the Fedora 14 release was the Release Party poster and Emily stepped forward and accomplished the ninja mission task, with an ass-kicking poster design based on our general F14 theme. Download the source, update the text with your place and time in your local language, print and use it:

f14 poster

Now get ready to party!


  1. Dig the poster... What fonts did you use? My machine doesn't render the poster quite the same with the font for "Free your computer!" and "Release Party"

  2. Comfortaa and Cantarell, the new "branding" fonts adopted during the F14 release cycle.

  3. There are fedora packages for those fonts? I did yum search and come back empty.

  4. comfortaa is packaged as aajohan-comfortaa-fonts (in F14) and cantarell may not be packaged yet but its author is part of the Fonts SIG.

  5. oh... the package abattis-cantarell-fonts is awaiting review as we speak, so will be available soon.