01 October 2010

Quick review: Sintel

As many probably know, after high anticipation, yesterday was the Internet launch for Sintel, the third short film from the Blender project.

Obviously, I hurried to view it (is available in multiple formats, video qualities and and packages, from torrents, to direct downloads and YouTube streaming), as I was warmed up about it since the preview we were offered in May at LGM.


Technically the video is impressive, it shows the software advancements and the grown experience of the team, it had good music and voices and it slightly longer. Still... I think it will be a smaller success compared with its predecessor, Big Buck Bunny.

Why? Because it has a !!!spoiler warning!!! sad story, not the same slapstick comedy from Big Buck Bunny and I expect the larger audience will go for slapstick, even if the fantasy story are cool (or used to be cool before the wave of lame teen vampires?)

So so watch the video, is a thoughtful fantasy story nicely done with Free software by an open community. A bit of learning and maybe you will make the next film :D


  1. Oh my goodness it was so depressing :( I understand the point they were trying to make, but..... but..... :-(... ... ... .. <= tears

  2. indeed...this probably won't bring the desired viral effect

  3. I watched Sintel as well. There is a lesson in that story. I cannot wait to receive the special DVD box as one of sponsors. (yes, I am in the credit at the end).

  4. Well since one of the major sponsors has the original 4k format i suspect that, although it wasn't as big a hit as Big Buck,it will be used in a wide variety of demos

  5. @Luya Tshimbalanga
    Please make a torrent with that :)

  6. I found Sintel to be very impressive visually. Well done to all those involved.
    My only gripe is towards the end. Surely the girl might have considered the big dragon to be it's parent?
    After all, baby dragon was happily sleeping and no harm done, when found after her long trek..

  7. I disagree that bbb was comedy! and was not even slapstick.
    BBB had a contradicting story, a bunny who was seen shy and powerless in the beginning , all in an instance turns shrewd out of vengeance !

    Comparing that sintel was much better, and though sad, the characters are consistent.
    But putting story aside, there are things which needs improvement - such as movements of the characters (it resembles old 3D games, where the legs of characters are not firm on ground :)

    I am not being too critical of sintel, there are some good animations and music. And considering the few no. of artists and crew who developed it in so short a time , sintel does rock!

    For me sintel is far superior than either of the previous projects. Way to go!

  8. Why does the Ogg file in Totem say the video is 1.5 hours long when it is clearly not! I thought the credits were going to roll for an hour, especially when the pre-order sponsors started.

  9. @Anonymous: I wanted to talk about that but forgot - the Theora encoding is extremely bad, another minus for this release.

  10. wow it looks awesome, like a video game..

    its looking like the trailer of world of warcraft.

  11. I think you were being pessimistic (maybe influenced by the story ? ;) )
    Over one and a half million views in 2 weeks only on youtube isn't that bad... In fact it's more than BBB's view count.

  12. BBB has over 1 million of views on YouTube, while for Sintel the stats are probably broken, "48,734 views " is way too little.

  13. Not bad CGI, way to depressing storyline, will put me off watching any further blender movies! Wouldn't recommend it to anyone either...

  14. I really don't care about the graphics the story really killed me. You take a young woman who is living day to day alone in the gutters of some medieval city of sorts, give her a companion, take companion away, have her travel 1000's miles to find her lost dragon, have her go through deserts to the arctic conditions, attacked by animal / man alike, meet kindly stranger, given wrong weapon, and kills her older dragon by mistake and finds she is older woman with graying hair and now straddled with loneliness and incredible guilt.

    If their was an award on how we can mind-*uck our characters in a story, the author wins its for sure.

    1. @Syner Genetics:
      Stop censoring swear words.

  15. @Syner Genetics: Quote.
    If their was an award on how we can mind-fuck our characters in a story, the author wins its for sure.

    First letter is censored with asterisk, but is a curse. An older post.