30 September 2010

Free movies?

My knowledge about Free movies is limited beyond the "classics" eveyone knows like Sita Sings the Blues and the shorts from Blender but with the idea of holding a Free cultural event I need some suggestions, please help.

Of course there is a catch:

  • The movies should be good enough, so they don't bore an audience composed mostly from university students (but not only);
  • The movies should be Free, as in freedom, so it can be licensed as CC-BY or CC-BY-SA, without restrictions like NC or ND, which are contrary to our philosophy.
Thank you in advance for the ideas left in the comments section :)


  1. yeah there I can help u, some say I am the expert for this.

    U search for long movies? short there are much, but long not.

    The first one was CH7 but is in swiss german, but there are subtitles. Then there is Route 66 - an bad american dream, there is in english available, same time came out Star Wreck - in the pirkening, its in finn, there is I think a subtitle. There are some others more. But for all is, its not for the masses.

    And btw: there exists a definition was an open movie is outside CC :D

    U like to know more speak to me in IRC

  2. thanks gnokii, but I think you didn't saw the requirements... I asked for Free movies, I was aware by things like Star Wreck, but that is both NC and ND, is not Free.

    As for the length... the idea is to cover a 2-3 hours time slot, maybe a long movie and 2-3 shorts, with a pause in the middle and a short keynote at the beginning.