18 September 2010

The new Fedora logo?

As you know, with the advice of Red Hat Legal, Fedora is actively protecting its logo and trademark (and we have some real problems in this area. As a consequence, the logo usage is not as Free as we wish, we must apply some restrictions.

One of the ideas to make this easier, an idea which as the moment is not agreed, was to produce a secondary logo, created by the community and used by the community with no restriction in usage. If this idea will ever get steam, I think this night in the bunker I discovered the perfect graphic for it (if you look at those pictures will see the sign practically everywhere):

fudcon fudcon

...if you want to know more about the meaning of this sun-shaped sign, ask our Czech friends :)


  1. lol, there's even one comedy play by Czech writer Milan Kundera centered about this picture called Ptákovina (The Blunder). Apparently, it cannot be understood elsewhere than in Czech and apparently because of that, even though it was written in 1969, it had its premiere only recently. :-)

    I never expected to see it on Fedora Planet though :-D

  2. I was given an extensive explanation about the picture and its uniqueness in the world culture.

    And I dared to put it on planet expecting the people that would normally be outraged, won't know the meaning.

  3. Hehe. This reminds me of one of the best song from Czech pornofolk singer Záviš - Už je to tak

    (again, ask your Czech friend for lyrics translation)

  4. And of course,

  5. Krtek, I think we sang it on a copule occassions in the bunker, so Nicu might eventually recall.

    I am very glad you know the song -- I once had the symbol tatooed on my forehead (for a couple of days only, it was just some sort of temporary colouring though) and when asked the tatooer how many such requests did he ever had he replied "none". I blame it on the fact that it was in Plzen, not Moravia.