06 September 2010

Caroline^W Andreea and Fimo

Andreea is my friend and besides being a beautiful model she is quite a geek (and a photographer too), she definitely is a Caroline... the only downfall: she does not use Linux, nor plan to do it (she's content with Windows and Photoshop) but she understand and likes the community... enough that when she started making Fimo models, one of the very first things she did was a Fedora bubble :D


Nice, right? Thanks CarolineAndreea :)


  1. that's awesome!!!! I will be really happy with a fedora earings :D

  2. and it is mine! she made it for me :)

  3. awww thank you Nicu! i am willing to make more so don't worry :P

    I don't use Lunux because Alex and I share the same computer and I am a gamer :D

  4. Andreea: I don't try to push you to Linux as I understand you are not ready for it (or it is not yet ready for you)

  5. Nicu the #1 bullet point in the definition of Caroline:

    "Voluntary Linux consumer"

    People are very confused about who Caroline is now. I guess my blog post was pretty useless :(

  6. @Mairin: you brought that bullet list and changed Caroline's definition after the large backslash following the initial definition, which was outside Fedora's target. You changed Caroline's profile still didn't update the design conclusions drawn from it, this is why people didn't take it very seriously.