03 September 2010

Everyone can contribute

In an earlier post I talked about Fedora supplemental wallpapers and our effort to check the license, the replies are positive but I wanted to share with the world one heart warming reply from one of the photographers I contacted:

I'm honored that you chose one of my photos, and I'm quite happy with your attribution mechanisms.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of any further help.



P.S. I teach computer science at the University of Minnesota, Morris, the public liberal arts campus of the U of M. Our CS lab has approximately 35 clients, all running Fedora Core. Thanks for your good work - it's nice to be able to contribute something small back.
See? Is not hard at all to become a contributor to FLOSS and Fedora.

Thank you Nic.


  1. @tatica: I won't never ever forgive them for deleting my account without warning... flickr is just a tool, such people could be found also with picasaweb, facebook or any other network.