16 September 2010

Half a photographer in Zurich for FUDCon

half photographer

Less than a day until this year's FUDCon in Europe, and obviously I can't miss it, will definitely be there (not with all my toys for those wondering) but with all my perversitycharm. Unfortunately, I won't be whole as a photographer, only half of me: as the zoom lens, which I use most of the time, is borken (latest estimate repair: next week), I will have with me only the 50mm and the cheap wide one. Will have to manage the situation, but probably will not be excessively enthusiastic about shooting.

If there is enough demand, I can act as a mobile hackergotchi creation station, able to do anything from photos to GIMPing, so if you need one locate me (that may not be trivial as I won't be wearing the beard) and don't be afraid to ask. And don't forget I am bribable :)


  1. You have a funny typo here: "borken".
    Please don't fix it.
    Let's instead coin "borken" as a new term meaning "broken" but with a specific connotation.

  2. @Dan: hahaha! me and my bad spelling... invented a new word between "broken" and "borked" :)