14 May 2012

Freelance / Storyboard

I am doing a lot of photography lately but I also didn't forget about graphics, the latest project I was involved lately was doing freelance work on a proprietary commercial project for creating storyboards). While is not Free software, it allows to leverage my experience from my old Fedora webcomic and even build upon some of the assets I developed as a follow-up. From a technology point of view, the project is cool as it uses SVG for its files, so once installed you can extend it easily with self-made graphics or with images from the Open Clip Art Library, for example.

Unfortunately the app is Windows-only, made with .NET, so I can't easily provide screenshots (I use Inkscape and Fedora for my part of the work), but here's an example image from the Storyboard That website (probably people will recognize the graphics style):

storyboard that


  1. Storyboard That is now 100% HTML 5.0 and still uses svg graphics, many by the very talented Nicu