11 May 2012

Vienna wallpapers

When dumping a set of photos from Vienna I promised I optimize a few of them as wallpapers, today is the time do deliver. You can use them freely. (click for full-size view)

Bonus: Supermoon

Also while in Vienna I encountered the supermoon (the big full moon, 14% bigger, which happens very rarely), I caught a picture with the best my gear can deliver (70-200 lens with an X1.4 zoom adapter on an APS-C sensor) at 100% zoom level, free for re-use.

Bonus: Graffiti

While wandering around Vienna I saw this anarchist graffiti which I think is meaningful and more applicable in those days: when a system is broken so badly, there is no chance to repair it, then nuke it from the orbit.

PS: unrelated, when preparing the pics above, my Fedora desktop gave a "Windows moment" - the mouse cursor changed the shape to "wait", trying to make that go away and get a normal "arrow" pointer, I closed a very busy web app. As nothing good happened, closed GIMP where I worked on the pics. Then the entire X.org sesion crashed to a black screen (together will all my open apps) and the desktop restarted itself.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed that it is possible to get such a nice picture of the moon with a standard DSLR camera & zoom. I'll have to try that myself sometime.

    1. the image has full EXIF if you need any details of the shooting (only the zoom adapter is not listed there). the exposure time was short enough so it made for not having the tripod with me in that trip.

  2. nicu, those are simply beautiful.