04 May 2012

On spherical Cows

Despite the significant amount of votes I see a lot of attacks on Spherical Cow (the release name for the future Fedora 18) and I can't stop the paranoid in my from asking if this was a vote from those not wanting a code name at all (select a ridiculously looking one so it's easier to root against the idea) or if it was a slap in the face for de Indian community after complaining so much about cows in Beefy Miracle (I also thought that much complaining was misplaced, but in the end voted for Tandoori Chicken).

The anti-paranoid in me reminds the release names are supposed to be fun and that Spherical Cow has scientific roots, even if until recently I wasn't aware of that.

In the meantime can I just say "Moooo" and return to LGM?


  1. I'd offer the opinion that this refers to the ongoing push to make Fedora simpler to use for the commonfolk at the expense of the techy community that enjoys the intricacies of Linux - the analogy being that a 'spherical cow' is an attempt to reduce something too complex to work out to something that is so simple that it solves a problem that has no practical use. Perhaps a red flag on the default minimalism that we get with recent incarnations of Gnome.

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spherical_cow

    1. i didn't know myself until a few days ago about the Spherical Cow metaphor until I googled it and even on Wikipedia there is not much info about it

  2. Many contributors believe that we are overdoing with the strange release names. Maybe we risk the Fedora's credibility. So, Beefy Miracle has a own story, ok; now we should stop our jokes. :)

  3. Well, at least Spherical Cow doesn't sound like a cheap porn movie like Beefy Miracle does :)