26 June 2005

Alan and the Gnome CD Player

I guess Alan's feelings for Gnome CD Player are really strong: in half of one single post he manage to use the Gnome CD Player words no less than 20 times!

Alan, you are wrong saying "Evince is the PDF Viewer for Gnome", it is a document viewer for multiple document formats, which happens to be the default viewer for PDFs in Gnome. Its intention as a general purpose reader is (IMO) demonstrated by the recent efforts to make it read also PowerPoint files.


  1. *cough* Gnome CD Player *cough*

    Okay so maybe my journal entry needs a rewrite too. Was having difficulty making it coherent, I'll try and clean it up later.

  2. Evince isn't a unversal generic document viewer as some would like you to belive, that was just a conspiracy started by a bunch of over enthusiastic people who would like it to happen but if you ask the Evince developers they will tell you they plan on sticking to PS and PDF primarily.

    Also I called it a PDF Viewer because most people dont know what "Evince" is but I didnt' want to go as far as saying it was "you know like Adobe Acrobat Reader and stuff".

    (Now to get on with looking through your archived posts for those cards I wanted to play with.)

  3. So the definition on the Evince website does not reflect the developers opinion?