11 June 2005

Steps to the full Deck

So the boring part is done:

Next step: the hard part: drawing the faces and at least one back side. I have now just a vague idea on how to do them, something modern and original.
Note: I'm fully aware that the faces are the "salt and pepper" of the deck, the most important part of it.

After that, a future step will be to choose a final template, these are the candidates so far:

Of course I can to all of them but this may be just bloat: 216 images instead of 54. Hard decision to make: quantity or quality?


  1. I say quantity AND quality. Looks like fairly simple cosmestic changes. Just release 4 decks. You might also have to do some backs of the cards. Or I suppose I could do that myself. :-)

  2. I like the third card's design. It helps to separate the center from the sides, and has some nice decoration to it...

    So cool man!

  3. I agree. The third card is better than the others.

  4. Another vote for the 3rd design.

  5. I like the second design best, after that the third design isn't half bad either (understatement, this is some really excellent work).

    Release the lot, let the public decide which they like best. Others - possibly me - will modify them and make them their own.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. I like them, but you’re missing something special for the ace of spades card. Take a look at the ace of spades in any pack of cards; it’s almost always drown in a fancy way, with a big spade and with special ornaments.

  7. Karl, you are right, I learned about this in the meantime, the ace of spades usually contains the "signature" of the deck author: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playing_cards