13 June 2005

Alternate faces

Public question: this style is worth pursuing and using it instead of what I made yesterday?

queen of spades

Update: All four faces (the feedback was positive). Color variations will be used to generate each specific card.

Update: My blog became aggregated also by Planet linux360. I hope their readers will not be very annoyed by my graphic-heavy posts from the last days.


  1. IMHO, I like that one better than the one's from yesterday.

  2. This new design seems to me like a good idea.
    Really great to see you're from Romania.
    (a french boy)

  3. Oh sorry... forgot to say it's me, Turnip ;) (the first post).

  4. I really like this design. I like the 3d feel of it. Good work

  5. Yes, these are better! The previous were really bad!

  6. These are really nice, kind of remind me of Duplo figures only cuter. I hope you can vary the colour scheme for the differnt suits.

    I wonder how a 4 colour deck instead of only Red and Black might look, cannot help thinking I've seen a deck that used Blue and Green before? Hrmm, I'd better keep doing my graphics for Gnome Games for now (which I'll write about soon). Nicu is way better at this than I am anyway.

  7. Alan, how are the 4 colour supposed to be? I'd guess:
    - clubs: green
    - diamonds: blue
    - shearts: red
    - spades: black
    Some background is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playing_cards, I had a read of it today after I saw one of your comments.

  8. Yes, those are the correct colours, nicu. But often the diamonds are in orange instead of blue. I think this looks much better, but the orange does look a bit like a faded red. Grey clubs are also used (and looks like faded black). See http://www.playingcardsales.co.uk/cards/framehdg.asp?cat=SRP&nav=2&hdg=FSP for some examples.

    About your design: I like it very much. But remember that the king of hearts doesn’t have a moustache.

  9. Nicu, wish I could tell you more but my memory works in strange ways. I store a lot of random information and trivia but unless I have made a particular effort to learn and memorise anything I'm not great on details.

  10. Karl, if the king of hearts have moustache or no depends on the deck, here is an example on the site mentioned by you:

  11. Yes, of course the king of hearts come in many variants. But there is a tradition that he doesn’t have a moustache on English cards. It would be a fun little detail to include this ‘feature’ in your design.

    BTW, originally he did have a moustache; it was lost by poor copying. See the playing cards FAQ.

    One more comment on your design: Since you use a sans serif font, a ‘sans serif’ style for the symbols would look better, e.g., remove the serifs off the ‘feet’ of the spades (and make the feet wider). A bolder, simplifed style for the symbols will also work better in low resolutions, since fine details (such as serifs) doesn’t scale very well.