09 June 2005

Playing Cards

I'm thinking about creating a complete playing cards set for the Open Clip Art Library and here are two samples:

ace two

What I really need is a sincere opinion: are those samples worthy? (quality wise) is such a set needed? (considering there is at least another one set with a free enough license).
The task may become boring at some point (54 figures!) and definitely will have some hard parts (cards with figures) so I'm not sure if is wise to engage in this task.


  1. I would love to see more of that! If all 52 cards is why don't you only draw the 7 to Ass (also known as french deck)?

  2. I actually think that your's are much more clear than the other free ones. I know that he was trying to duplicate a classic french deck, but I don't like it. I like the cleaner style that you have in your cards. Ofcourse, 52 is quite a lot of work. You might talk to the gnome-games guys and see if they'd include them as an option in gnome-games if you did them.

  3. Just a passerby, but I love your design, I like the SVG set you linked to but your design is definitly more my style. Please complete it.

  4. I like it overall, but the line draws too much focus and is a bit too close to the other elements.

  5. I recently asked on the Gnome Games list about a set of cards in a mini style optimized for small devices, but maybe that isn't quite what you were going for.

    If you wanted to use this deck with gnome-games it might take a bit of code adjustment to make sure the number peaked out of the edge properly.

    I do like the style of your cards. I might prefer a shade of blue that didn't contrast quite so sharply with the red. I might also make the two hearts a little bigger, but the mini decks I've seen

    If you could put the colours in a stylesheet this style of deck would probably be very useful as the basis for a high contrast accessibility deck.

    So yes, I would definately like to see more of this deck.

  6. I find several problems with the cards. The hearts look a bit funny. Furthermore, there is too little space between the elements of the card.