08 November 2007

Countdown to Werewolf

[countdown]Only a few hours are remaining until the mighty beast will be unleashed upon the world! Prepare yourself or run away in terror...

Of course, all the cool kids already run it for at least a couple of days already (as smolt tell us):


Of course, the about the same amount of hours (plus one hour) until the Romanian release party!


  1. to supplement the smolt stats
    watch this daily updated ogg video of global distribution of ip addresses which are requesting the f8 mirrorlist.


    All client connections prior to official release are due to pre-release testers who ran test3 or development and recieved the f8 fedora-release configuration automatically.


  2. well considering that since fc3 i've always used a single local mirror for all pc's on wich i installed fedora ... all those numbers are a bit "untrue". ;)

  3. This is not simply an install count, smolt is an opt-in reporting tool and you are asked during firstboot if you want to send your data (with the default as "NO").