02 November 2007

And how about the DVD cover?

Over and over I talked lately about Fedora CD/DVD labels and envelopes and I received a lot of positive feedback and praises (both directly as blog comments and via email).

One very interesting question I got from Radu is: nobody uses these days DVDs in the classic case? He gives some examples for X/OS, Mandriva, CentOS and Slackware and even gives a nice mockup based on my graphics:

dvd case

So what people think about this? Are the classic DVD cases out of fashion? Do we need or want them?

I can see some of their strong points: such a case is good for shipping and it provide additional value, you see the DVD a lot more as a tangible object but I also see the other face of the coin: they cost a bit more compare with a simple paper envelope and, most important, take a lot more space.
Also the DVD cover is large and it provides a lot of space for marketing slogans, an outline of the most important features, even for screenshots.


  1. I think it makes sense to provide this as a alternative too.

  2. I tend to give out CD/DVD Covers to those I value, close friends, relatives and people in the community who will be really interested.

    Many times, I give out hundreds of CDs and DVDs. In this case, its not feasible to have case labels. Though I do use them a bit otherwise.



  3. Haahhaa, nice job man
    TNX a lot