27 November 2007

IcedTea and games

Has everyone read the new interview about IcedTea and Free Java in Fedora 8?

Update: as Hans points out in the comments, the game was already packaged for Fedora (my mistake was to look only at the games spin live DVD).

Here is my anecdotal experience with it: being bored, I was looking at a list of Free games when I noticed FreeCol, a game based on the old Colonization, the screenshots were nice but the game written in Java. So my curiosity exploded: does it work in Fedora with IcedTea? Yes, it worked very well, see the screenshot below (so the next step was to add it to our games whishlist.



  1. Or you could have done just:
    "yum install freecol"

    As I already packaged it.

    Talking about good java games (using non free content unforunatelty) take a look at bolzplatz / slamsoccer, review request here:



  2. Ops! my bad: I didn't saw it on the games live DVD and assumed is not there.

  3. About the Bolzplatz 2006 game, yes it would be awesome to have it (with free content for proper packaging). Too bad it seems to need quite some experience, so is not easy to create replacement content for it.