06 November 2007


For about a week I have this metaphor in my head crying to get out but didn't find the time so far to draw it:

fedora spins

Simple enough: a great distro is like a Swiss Army Knife and the various spins like its tools: good for specific needs.

I have an additional idea for this image: a different and cooler looking perspective but that is harder to draw and it does not cry as loud as the basic idea (and I still have some thing in the queue).

note: I know I could spend more time and make the metal have a more realistic look, but I do not shoot for extremely realistic images.

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea.... i just hope that fedora 8 is faster than fedora 7 because i have real problems with the current release and this swiss army style metaphor really doesn't seem to apply to amd64 X2 machines. otherwise nice!