10 January 2008

Fedora 9 themes - Round 1

The deadline for Round 1 of Fedora 9 theme submission was a couple of days ago, on January 8. Round 1 in intended to gather concepts, so do not expect polished graphics, only sketches and ideas.

Here is what we get so far (as required, the proposals with a formal mailing list introduction and wiki page), listed chronologically:

  • f9 theme proposalCODE 9TO9, by Jiri Jakub Masek, a theme based on one line drawn 9 pointed star, endless, cyclic, algorithm 9483726159;
  • f9 theme proposalFreedom, by Michael Beckwith, following the motto of Infinity Freedom Voice that Fedora uses, and with Fedora 8 using Infinty, it propose Freedom, supplying some other ways that Freedom could be represented;
  • f9 theme proposalWaves, by Martin Sourada, "Waves could symbolize infinity, freedom, voice, ..."
  • f9 theme proposalNight, by Mola Pahnadayan;
  • f9 theme proposalElectric Sphere, by Mola Pahnadayan;
  • f9 theme proposalAt Last, by Andrew Healey, the image of a person with their arms thrown up in triumph having symbolism that ties directly to the Fedora ideals and also with the feeling that using a human image in the theme helps personalize Fedora;
  • f9 theme proposalShoowa, by Luya Tshimbalanga, a raffia cloth textile from the Kuba, a people from the central Democratic Republic of Congo, bringing the diversity of the Fedora community through the use of art from different cultures.

Thoughts? Comments? Praises? Compllaints? Any kind of feed-back?


  1. Hi

    At the moment i think that the best concept for Fedora 9 is "Waves" by Martin Sourada, but it needs more polished and soft artworks.

    PS : i also think that it will be very HARD to beat a beautiful theme like Infinity of Fedora 8.

  2. I still think they're all quite weak...but I guess that's normal for round 1.

    I like the idea behind CODE 9TO9, but the implementation doesn't look good...but that might very well change in future rounds.

    Waves has great potential too, but needs more work to be done for sure. It's very similar to the Infinity theme, though (several soft round lines and of course it's blue). I'm not sure if that's a little too small fo a change. some goes for CODE 9TO9, tho.

    At Last is a completely different approach. I like that. It looks clean and still has a message. I'm curious what we'll see on that front in later rounds.

    Night is a nice image. I like it, but not a a wallpaper. We'll see if this is going to be improved soon.

    The others, I wouldn't even consider. apologies to the artists.

    Anyway, it's great to see that the artists team is doing a great job again and is not losing its creativity. Thank you for your good work, keep it up.

    Oh, btw, Nicu: the link to Electric Sphere has a typo in it (spHere).

  3. like night and electric bolt.

    I believe that electric bolt would be much better if done in 3D and not in vectors.

    I also agree that all seam a bit weak, I haven't before looked at artwork process so I hope this is normal for round 1.

  4. red, thanks for the correction!

    And yes, is normal they look weak, do you remember how Infinity looked in Round 1?

  5. Waves for me too, nice idea..... but i agree with red.... they are still to weak

  6. I like the electric sphere one.

    The others seem to wimpy for a distro as cool as Fedora.

    I of course replace the default wallpaper all the time, anyway, as I suspect most folks do.


  7. All but trash. What's wrong with the Gnome's default look and desktop wallpaper? They have improved from the days when you HAD TO change them to prevent yourself from going blind from the ugliness...

  8. A distro is much more than a Desktop Environment (Gnome or KDE), it is about integration, a consistent look and feel from the installer (Anaconda), to the boot process (GRUB, RHGB) and desktop (GDM, Gnome wallpaper) and also web and media (CD/DVD covers and such).