22 January 2008

Fries? With that?

All the cool kids are campaigning for one or another codename for the upcoming F9, can I keep myself from acting like a monkey and try to pose as a cool kid by weighting about the issue?

First, as many others, I am not very happy with the selection, between really bad ones (Chinga-something, Asperger) and some for which I don't feel anything (probably because I don't get the cultural reference), I see myself with one option for which I can imagine producing cool **** about: Mayonnaise.

I am sure people expect from me some more visual campaigning, but I do not have such hard feelings for that name either so I would pause my cartography quest (which approaches completion, BTW) for it.


  1. There is this discussion on fedora-ambassadors mailing list, and most of the latin-american guys are agree with me. Some of the names refer to really serious sickness (we dont wanna give the imaga that fedora is some kind of disease) some other are really folkloric and mythical creatures, but as i said in the mailing list, being mythical doesnt make them cool (an example is Chupacabra which may translate something like Goat-sucker)
    Its worrying that these names are being posted as an option to the real codename we have to do better next time

  2. Chupacabra, while meaning "goat sucker", has become not just a mythical creature in the southwestern United States, it's attained a sort of pop-culture monster status, like Bigfoot/Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, and Hogzilla.

    Thing is, if you have to explain that to the 98% of the world that lives outside of the region where Chupacabra has pop-culture status, you've already lost them.

    Problem is, the same issue exists for mayonnaise. It may be a cool condiment in parts of Europe, but to many people in America it represents what's wrong with American cuisine. It's up there with "white bread" as a descriptor for bland, mass-produced, lowesty-common-denominator foods. And that's not even touching its place in the pantheon of "foods that make you fat."

    So while Chupacabra is only regionally cool, and thus a bad choice, so is mayonnaise.

    And I'd agree that naming the release after a disease or syndrome (like Asperger's) is just plain stupid.

    I'd suggest calling it Griffin. It gives the mythical creature folks a happy feeling, it represents strength, and the hipsters can think it's a secret reference to Stewie Griffin from "Family Guy".

  3. Unfortunately, the list is closed at this point. Our option is to chose the best (or more likely, the less worse) one.

    I used Chupacabra as an example mostly because I find it quite hard to remember its spelling (it was a new word for me).

  4. If this is the full list, I feel really saorry for you guys. You don't get to pick the best, just the least bad.

  5. out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest