03 January 2008

So what's the year of Desktop Linux, 2007 or 2008?

So was 2007 the Year of the Desktop Linux? Will 2008 be?
I pretty much agree with the points (and I could add some myself) about how 2007 already was that mythical year, only with a caveat: I think "the year of the Desktop Linux" is pretty much a 2 years thing, with not necessarily two consecutive years.
The first year was 2007, with a lot of new deployments (OLPC, Eee PC, Dell, etc.), the next step for those is to remain Linux installs (and not be replaced with Windows once they get into the end users hands) and to grow beyond the hardcore existing Linux users, getting to the general public. When this growth will pass a certain market share (dunno what, probably at least more than OS X), that will be the second half of the Desktop Linux. And it may very well be 2008.

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