10 January 2008

RHM top 10, or 2 ouf 10 for Nicu, or Desktop Linux

I noticed Red Hat Magazine published a list with the top 10 most popular articles in 2007.

Much to my surprise, I see two of the articles in this top are mine: 2-nd place, GIMP 2.4 preview and 8-th, How to use Inkscape’s new blur filter (this one written in collaboration with Mo).

I know this is not due to my great writing skills and style (or the lack of it most likely), but about the subject, I touched some area of popular interest: Desktop Linux, yet another proof 2007 was one of the mythical years of the Desktop Linux.


  1. Hi, I am trying to follow your 3D text inkscape tutorial, having some trouble to understand. Do you come to irc if yes what is your nick ?

  2. Usually I don't stay logged, only when needed. My nick is "nicubunu" and I just entered #Fedora-Art

  3. BTW, the best way to contact me is using jabber, my nick @gmail.com