21 August 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Stats and samples

A few days ago when the number of pre-registration for the Brno FUDCon reached 100 people (now there are a very few more), it was very inviting to make statistics based on it, even if the sample is not representative and the results wrong... or aren't they?

[fedora weekly webcomic: stats and samples]


  1. If I weren't already going to be away from of Munich during that time, I would have been able to affect those stats somewhat ... :(

  2. or... it could be because idiots like you treat women like objects. Yes, I am referring to the upskirt post.

  3. get with the program anonymous, I am an "asshole" because of that, not "idiot"

  4. riiiight, of the 52 women out of 100 people that were going to the fudcon, 49 said "well, i think i won't go, because some guy on fedora's art team pays too much attention to the fact that women are physically attractive."

    "fud" con indeed. women objectify men all the time, and it's only criminal when men do it. does that mean it's always okay? nah. but there's a point where the hyperbole is ridiculous, and we're way past that, (other) anonymous. don't let them make your comment irrelevant over one episode, nicu. awesome job with the open source clipart.