11 August 2008

Worshipping Satan

This story (link in Romanian) is so absurd that I had to read it (and the following replies) a couple of times and I am still not 100% sure it not a joke.

For those who can't read Romanian (which is the large majority of my readers) here is a short synopsis: this guy is asked by his boss to install a Linux and a web server on a computer received by some church. HE goes into the place and find a guy hopelessly struggling with a Windows webserver.

Our guy asks the person who called him again for confirmation and then proceed to install Linux (not sure which distro, probably Slack or Debian). Shortly after that, the police came: they were called because someone is supposedly performing Satanist rituals. Ready to beat some punks and not seeing any the officers ask and the windows guy points to our guy: look at the computer, only numbers and incantations!

Everyone is invited at the police station where they find, at least, someone with a bit of brain who understand the situation and send everyone home.


  1. The Linux guy was installing *daemons*! Open and shut case.

  2. Thou shalt not kill -9