07 August 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Summer time

It looks like all my webcomic's characters are geeky enough so no one has vacation dreams about sitting on a beach with some fancy drink (with umbrella!) in one hand and surrounded by bikinis.
...Ops! It seems like I did it again, this time I am driving young males away from Linux...

[fedora webcomic: summer time]


  1. Heh, this time you got it damn right :-D I'm going on hiking at some Slovakia mountains, concretely Low Tatras [Nízke Tatry] and Slovak Paradise [Slovenský raj], wihtout my laptop (even though with mobile phone), for a week starting on Saturday.



    More info and pictures you can get e.g. if you switch en.wikipedia.org to sk.wikipedia.org (but you to need to know Czech or Slovak to be able to read the text).

  2. Just found there is more info on English wikipedia on the Slovak Paradise on another page:


    The nature looks pretty good on these photos.

  3. It looks like a very good place to take wallpaper-worthy photos:p

    And I used to have such mountain vacancies too (when I had some friends to go together).

  4. I was looking for this information, thanks for put in this easy way, I mean in a easy way to understand it jajaja, well until the next time.