08 August 2008

A wallpaper gallery

Do you felt a need for more wallpapers (colorful, vivid, photographic) for your Fedora desktop? Or maybe you wanted to contribute yourself a self made beautiful photo which is suitable as a wallpaper and share it with the rest of the community?

Well, we thought it is an useful thing to have, so Martin took the initiative and create a simple extra wallpaper gallery inside the wiki, with the main purpose of being a place from where is easy to hand pick the best images for a package but also as a gallery open for everyone and quickly me and Vara uploaded a few photos, to get the ball rolling.

I am a bit unsure about how loudly advertise it, the wiki is not the best place to keep a photo gallery and we have some promises for a better solution from our infrastructure friends... we may pursue the momentum or wait a bit more for a better solution - Gallery2 or such (in general I am not a big fan of "waiting").


  1. Excellent. I've just added a photograph of my guitar that a few people have used as a wallpaper in the past.

  2. What ever happened to the rotating desktop wallpaper channel thing for Gnome that I saw people kicking around?
    Basically it consumed an rssfeed as a wallpaper channel. A fedora contributed wallpaper channel like that would be..groovy.

    Have you thought about running some sort of competition? Like a State Fair photography contest with a few different categories?

    I personally like how songfight.org holds its song and album cover art contests. Something like that for Fedora wallpapers.

    Set competition frequency, with a different target meme to craft towards, and then a community voting period.


  3. Use the momentum and go with the wiki for now. The problem with a lot of web apps, especially a lot of php apps, is that they're vulnerable to security issues. Hosting some piece of gallery software written in php is going to tak a bit of evaluation inside Fedora Infrastructure.

    So I'd say, roll with the wiki for now. Come up with all the requirements you have for a gallery in the future. Make a list of candidates. If possible, try to get a sense of the security mindedness of the upstreams (or it will wait on fedora-infrastructure having a chance to do this.) and let infrastructure know. Then they have a basis for comparing (ie: Foo-Gallery has an active upstream and a proactive approach of looking for security issues before other people find them. Bar-Gallery is only two small files of code that plug into our existing wiki so it's easy to audit. Baz-Gallery finds out about security issues when they're published and pushes patches to development but doesn't spin a new release.)

  4. @jef: I for one would *love* to have that wallpaper channel, but it seems quite dead currently. Maybe if we produce enough cool wallpapers then someone will get interest in coding it.
    And this is one of the reasons I think the wiki does not cut it: it does not have any kind of feeds.

    I guess we'll have to wait a bit for more contributors uploading images and maybe a better infrastructure before holding contests. Until then, try to build a critical mass.