20 July 2009

After the Firefox 3.5 Release Party

Even if we had a few hiccups (the biggest of them when some clueless janitors wanted to seal the University building exactly a half hour before the time our presentation was supposed to start for an upcoming admission exam, even if we had all the needed approvals), in my opinion the Firefox 3.5 Release Party was a success.

Firefox 3.5 Release Party

We had a good audience of about 30 people (consider we targeted university students and it was the summer break) and (I guess Firefox is an unusual FLOSS project) about one third of them being girls (most of them female CS students) - the perfect excuse for me to from a RMS reference as part of my speech (which I doubt was understood by anybody).

Firefox 3.5 Release Party

I am fully aware I am not a great speaker (didn't have many opportunities to develop this skill so far), but I think my presentation was not bad: I tried to keep it simple, direct and friendly (see the slides). I also used the opportunity to proudly wear a Fedora tattoo and to distribute a few F11 LiveCDs, I am shameless!

Firefox 3.5 Release Party Firefox 3.5 Release Party

Following me, Tibi delivered a more technical (and shorter) presentation. He showcased some of the FF 3.5 awesomeness (like the combination of Canvas, multimedia playback and interactivity).

Firefox 3.5 Release Party

But enough with the formal stuff, after the presentation we wend for some (sponsored) beer, pizza and good time in a nearby place:
Firefox 3.5 Release Party

A lot more photos can be viewed in the gallery hosted at our gallery.

Some acknowledgements are in order: I want to thank to the Mozilla organization for providing sponsorship, whitout it the event wouldn't be so successful, to the Romanian Mozilla community (especially to Irina for her logistic help and to Alex, who helped on the technical side), to the wonderful guys from Ceata who took care of all the aspects, from the University arrangements to the restaurant, to Andrei from openSUSE for his logistic help and to all the people to came, see and endured us. All of you contributed to this successful event! Thank you.

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