13 July 2009

Replacement speakers or Firefox 3.5 release party in Bucharest

Spread Firefox Affiliate ButtonWith Irina, the local geek goddess and Alexandru, the main translator, not available for the Firefox 3.5 Release Party in Bucharest, is the time to bring in a backup solution, the replacement speakers, Tibi from Ceata and me from Fedora and stuff, hope this will be good enough for an enthusiastic audience.

So Saturday 18 July, at the Polithehnica University of Bucharest starting with 16:00, in the room EG301 we will have an "official" presentation (I will talk about the new features in FF 3.5 and Tibi will cover a more technical audience, speaking about HTML 5), spiced up with some swag and then will go out to nearby location for some (free) beer & food (yes, free as in free beer, most likely in the Bucharest style, "mici si bere").

Steaks and mititei on the grillSo I got your attention?

Update: added the starting time

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  1. still has many bugs but Firefox 3.6 has just launched recently ;))