20 July 2009

Macros ...or hate me for being an ass

I am an ass. People show me some of their photos which they are proud about and usually I rain on their parade and comment about ways I think the photo could have been better. As I did a few days ago, when tw2113 showed me a flower macro he thinks could make a cool Fedora wallpaper and I commented about focus, placement and angles, just like the ass I am.

Now Sunday while I was "hunting" in the park I stumbled upon a bush with the same flowers as in Michael's shot so I simply had to try my ideas in my own photo and it got like this:


If you are not a huge fan of such extreme close-ups, there is also a moderate version available.


  1. Proper Fedora Wallpaper requires photos of penguins with sparklers.

  2. To be fair, I didn't want it to be a fedora packaged wallpaper, despite the fact that I did upload the original non-touched shots to that directory in the gallery. I realize my mistake there, and created a proper directory for the amateur stuff. You're not an ass by the way, just critical of photography ;). It's all good