09 July 2009

The hard way of printing photos

I don't print photos, almost everything I did so far with photography far was for online use only, do I don't own (and don't plan to buy) a photo printer. But exceptionally, for a small project, I needed some prints (about 50 photos), so went to the nearest shop (like 5 minutes from my office) with the photos on an USB stick.

Much to my disappointment I was told: "sorry, our USB reader does not work, come again next week". FTW? Waste a CD for that? I don't feel like doing that... And I learned from my co-workers this happen often. How hard is to have a working USB port on the computer? Or maybe I got to talk with the stupidest guy on the planet?

Conclusion: if you live in Bucharest, try to avoid Nic Classic if you have something to print.


  1. Maybe they're doing that to prevent their systems from the autorun.inf worms?

  2. but autorun.inf was invented for CDs and this is their prefered medium...