02 November 2009

Autumn bokeh

If there is one word to describe the Fedora 12 wallpaper is "bokeh", the miriad of circles of light (and it was even stronger in early iterations), so with this in mind, no wonder I remembered the wallpaper when shooting a beautiful autumn bokeh, even if the composition and tones were entirely different.

autumn leaves and bokeh


  1. Someone thinks your photo is cool enough to steal, I guess! http://oreocheesecaker.deviantart.com/art/this-is-my-season-161911417#

    Just thought I should let you know, so you can report her if'n you feel like.

  2. @CGriffin: thanks for the notice, however that dA account is suspended, probably someone else reported him already.

    Still, the content on my blog is freely licensed under a Creative Commons license, so all I would have asked in return was proper credit, *maybe* that was not a violation.