09 November 2009

Get to know a Fedora Ambassador or User

The running joke in our local community is that not officially being an Ambassador but doing a lot of Ambassador work I should become one, but I refuse to apply for the title - I guess this makes me a half-Ambassador :p Still, the meme is not limited to that, working also for users, so I can join in:

name: Nicu Buculei
nick: nicubunu
IRC channels: #fedora-art, #fedora-design, #fedora-ro
location: Bucharest, Romania


And trying to add to the meme, the most awesome thing I learned today about our community: one of the members of our local (Romanian) community as a day job as a violin player in the Bucharest Philharmonic. How cool is that? I love this diversity and looking forward at chatting and drinking beers.


  1. Wow, based on your avatar I always thought you were fat. You're a much better looking guy...fix the avatar! :)

  2. The truth is, a couple of years ago I used to weight 25 Kg more than now... so the current shape may be just temporary :D