18 November 2009


Among the large number of new features in Fedora 12 there is Thusnelda, the new and improved version of the Theora encoder, which is supposed to bring either better-looking videos or smaller files at the same quality.

As the Theora videos I create are mostly screencasts made with gtk-RecordMyDesktop (image quality from Istanbul is unacceptably low), I have no idea how I can take advantage of any of those optimizations (probably one of them is active by default, without any control from me).

But what I can tell, is a decrease in quality: screencasts recorded now are jumpy, the image freezes for a bit, then jump forward, skipping some important frames. No ideea if this is caused by the aplication, libtheora, X.org, video drivers or something else.



  1. Nicu,

    I have noticed this as well. FFmpeg2theora-0.25 is a major regression in my opinion. I've gone back to using my 0.24-SVN (unofficial Thusnelda) version which is pretty much flawless in my tests.

    The only time I have seen ffmpeg2theora-0.25 (official Thusnelda) work is over at Fireogg.org. Whatever they have done to their encoder has seemed to work.

  2. thanks for the confirmation, will look more into it

  3. uh, converting old from avi files (lavc) to theora with ffmpeg2theora seems OK, i see the problem only when recording screencasts directly as theora

  4. Welcome to the world of my bugreport:

  5. @Kamil Páral: I didn't use bugzilla since I feared the exact reply you got: "is not a bug in *my* application, complain to someone else". Didn't help I wasn't able to figure exactly where is the problem, but I'll CC to the bug anyway.