03 November 2009

This is a small world

This morning when going to work I somehow noticed (I usually don't look for such things) this small poster glued on the wall of a building close to my office (less than 50 meters away):


Noting out of the extraordinary, some small firm advertising for pet services, but what drew my attention was the drawing in the top-right corner with a dog head. It was looking familiar, as it is one of my drawings published at the Open Clip Art Library and it made my day!

I made it years ago, exercising original drawing made with the mouse, so the result is not great, but I submitted it to the library anyway, as I do with all my drawings which are not made for a specific project. And I found awesome how a little graphic contributed to an international project found its way back to a few meters away of me. Either the world is very small or what we are doing is really useful for the people.

Now to be honest, I can't say for sure if the image is taken from openclipart.org, from my own website, where the images are also available, or from one of the many other websites redistributing, grace to the PD dedication, the openclipart.org content. But this is irrelevant, the goal was achieved.

PS: is not wise to base your company logo on Public Domain clipart, but for very small companies this is not a real problem, they don't have real branding.


  1. Wow, this is amazing. The world _really_ is small :)

  2. I found an image from one of my sites (a laughing monkey) being used at my son's day care center.

    I agree with you about the logo and public domain idea. I had someone ask if he could use one of my non-PD images for his company logo. I said I could license it to him, but I would also license it to anyone else who asked. I recommended an artist I've hired to do my logos (cost around $100-150 each) and told him it's totally worth the extra cost because it's 100% yours.

  3. I think I saw more than once people asking on the OCAL mailing list if they are legally allowed to use our clipart for a company logo.
    If the "company" is a couple of teenagers walking dogs in their spare time, I don't think is going to be a problem, but for a serious business I definitely not recommend it.

  4. i found on flickr someone who create a flier for a little skinhead/punk show in US
    we did not know each other...


    the boots in the upper corners are from me ... :D

  5. @drunken-duck: yes, great, indeed!

  6. Your cliparts are great. I don't really think that there is something wrong or dangerous with using PD images as logos - in most countries law would forbid using same logo by similar company, so you're partially covered...

  7. @Anonymous: but your trademark will hold considering you use an image you don't own? Is not wrong or illegal, but don't expect much protection. And it paints an unprofessional image for your business.