08 January 2010

Believe me, I hate censorship

I oppose censorship as strong as I can, I consider it to be evil and I enjoy a lot post on various Planets about the personal live of the people behind the code, however seeing something like this is embarrassing... making you think maybe RMS was not entirely wrong.

planet gnome silverlight

note: the button above links to microsoft.com


  1. I'm not sure I'm seeing that is bad.

    Moonlight is the Mono-based Silverlight, a Microsoft technology, equivalent.

    I think it the page just reads that Silverlight isn't installed and displays the "Install Microsoft Silverlight" button. I get that even with Moonlight installed.

    Or am I missing something?

  2. Drew, Refer to


  3. It's embarrassing. I understand if one wants to discuss that a certain closed source product provides better value than the free software equivalent. That way we can nudge the free software to be better. It's inappropriate (not courteous) to blatantly advertise a closed source product like a TV advertisement.

  4. Looks like some cut-and-paste boilerplate to include Silverlight content in a web page; if the plugin is not installed then the button to install Microsoft's plugin is shown instead. Surely all that's needed is an equivalent bit of HTML code that shows an 'install Moonlight' button. Of course, to do this it would be helpful to have Moonlight available for more platforms. (I'd rather not install the proprietary Silverlight plugin, even on Windows.)

  5. Ed's correct. Those who look for offense will certainly find it.