21 January 2010

A ton of Linux/FLOSS videos

After a couple of days with the CPU hot from editing and transcoding, I managed to put online the videos from the RLUG meets in December and January. With advice from tatica I used blip.tv for publishing and everything is nice available as a RSS feed: RLUG videos.

There are good reasons to use blip.tv for publishing FLOSS videos:

  • they accept and serve Ogg Theora files (not using HTML5, but nobody is perfect)
  • they allow everyone to download the original video (Theora or whatever)
  • using the 'Download' button you can view the Theora video directly in your browser
  • the content is published also as an RSS feed (with direct links to the files)
  • they know about Creative Commons licenses and let you use them
  • there is not a 10 minutes limit, like on YouTube
  • being able to watch the Theora original, the video quality is unbeatable

Still, I found a couple of problems:
  • you can upload either with a desktop client (written in Java) or with FTP, but both of them have a file limit of 1GB (YouTube is 2GB currently)
  • every time I uploaded a large Theora file (3 times so far, ~25, ~45 and ~50 minutes) it took too long, timed out and failed (no problem with videos up to 10 minutes long). With an unpaid account, you have only one conversion attempt allowed.

Go and watch the videos (they are all in Romanian language) and if you don't have the bandwidth, maybe skip for the time being the 2 out of 10 with large size, hope my support ticket will get a better reply than "buy a pro account, it will work with that".


  1. They also let you automatically push out to archive.org, Miro, etc. which is really handy.

  2. great news thanks nicubunu