29 January 2010

Success to much?

The price of popularity: your blog gives up with 'bandwidth exceeded' (yeah, cheap shared hosting). This just happened to our colleague who apparently became too popular, not sure if because of her slow but continuously growing photography project, the exploding (in the Spanish speaking community) series of GIMP video tutorials or due to a couple of incredibly well received articles about a crappy and cheap smartphone.

Well, the useful content can still be reached: photos on flicker, videos on blip.tv: is this an argument for using proprietary sharing platforms or just for a better hosting? If you know who I am talking about, you must know already hot to get to the content.

Nevermind, popularity is good. Or bad. Or good.


  1. and that blog is up again... after consume a Bandwidth quota of 10Gb :\

  2. Nice to see it online again!

    Honestly, 10GB is quite a lot for a blog with resources (photos, videos) hosted off-site. My hosting is estimating a 80GB monthly usage, but I am serving a lot of content (tutorials) directly.

  3. I think it's an argument in favor of not putting all the eggs in one basket. If your content is Creative Commons anyway, who cares that one copy ends up on a proprietary platform (as long as they mind the license, of course). It's one more insurance against losing your work. Can't be a bad thing.

  4. That's sad to here. Thankfully there are still videos from GIMP!