25 January 2010

GIMP on N900

Nokia N900 looks like the most awesome phone you can buy from a FLOSS point of view, but I wasn't impressed so far from what I read about it, the phone is priced way over my price range and is too big for my pockets (I don't need full keyboards and so). However, after reading a blog post about running GIMP on the N900, my views changed a bit, now I would like such a device (it would not be far fetched to say I crave for one), but the price is still to big. Make the price 2/3 and I'll get one (make it half the price, and the money got out of my pocket a couple of hour ago :D)

Speaking of phones, my current one is a Nokia from the S40 line and is almost 4 years old, it barely hold ans is in need for a replacement. Replacement with what? Not sure, but I wish with something running Linux... I thought about something with Android, there are some entry-level devices which can become affordable if you hunt for a good deal/supplier, but except Nexus One all the Android devices are tied with old versions of the operating system, you can't install the latest upstream software, and that's uncool and not geeky. Nexus One is not available and in the same price range with N900. And it can't run GIMP anyway :D


  1. You can always install a custom ROM on any Android device (see http://forum.xda-developers.com/) and get the latest software without a problem. It will not be supported by the manufacturer but until they realize they need to spend money and keep the devices up to date it's the only choice. And you can get a HTC Magic with less than 200 Euros on okazii (brand new).

  2. @Ciprian

    By doing what you suggest one would loose all the built in apps and functionality that came with the device. Easy Debian on the N900 allows for the Gimp and OpenOffice to run as just another app in the N900. Nothing is lost, but a whole lot is gained. This is a much, much, better solution.

  3. N900 is good for a portable Linux device, and yes, it's your only choice now, but it's not that good as an actual phone. I used it a bit and it's too hard to operate it as a phone. I'm talking about using the touch screen.

    Yes, you can always buy a stolen from us (I mean second hand) from okazii.ro.

  4. it still pushes the limits of the poor tablet anyway, i guess it's some sort of showing off the UPPER limits of the n900; something that can burn ur dear phone :)