18 February 2010

Cutting etge/really blunt edge

I, for one, feel an itching seeing Inkscape 0.48 in "chill" - this means just before "freeze" and on the way to "release" and start thinking about a jump to Rawhide as soon as it's version will be upgraded but on the other hand I see people in a different situation: big company with "RHEL4 on thousands of workstations" crying about being stuck with (self built) 0.46 and preparing a migration to RHEL5 now, in the spring of 2010, and crying their old building script won't work with 0.47 (EPEL has 0.44 for RHEL4 and 0.46 for RHEL5).

Definitely, I couldn't live with a desktop/workstation like that: no rush for the latest version, not getting hit by early bugs, no fun (even if I, for example, never used for real anything in the "Filters" menu introduced in 0.47).


  1. Nicu, 0.47 mostly works with EL-5. I've spent some time making it work there and though probably some of the latest changes there may have broken it a bit, it won't be hard to built it (see the fedora src rpm).

    Also, I look forward to updating the package in Rawhide (targetting F-14) to 0.48 shortly.

  2. This is why no-frozen-rawhide is awesome. Using released Fedora versions is so pedestrian!

  3. Thanks for the info Lubomir, I will pass the info about building for EL-5 to the guy who asked about that on the Inkscape mailing list.