18 February 2010


You have an old addiction and somehow manage to get cured of it but then you cave to peer pressure and regress once... Then the addiction is all over again, you try to abstain as hard as you can and only draw a trilogy of "special editions" to go along with milestones in a nearby event/release/happening.

After drawing them, the normal thing to you is to upload them in the target web space, waiting the right time for publishing and have use the minimal effort when publishing. But all the fun is sharing them, so you are itching for sharing them with the world, having to wait a couple of weeks for the first, one month and a half for the second and beginning of May for the finale is a pain.

So I devised a riddle for those really interested in the topic: the files are in the usual place, with very obvious names. If you can guess the names, you can see the files. Here are the hints for guessing the names:

  • the first one is titled just like a name
  • the second one is about trekish cannon-fodder
  • the third one is about jumping to light-speed
I hope I didn't destroy the surprise, ruin the punch lines or give away too much of the stories with this riddle. And still thinking (suggestions welcome) for a prize to the first one solving the riddle.


  1. Yay, more santa-hat.svg fun (remember?).
    Unfortunately Google can't index SVGs and you haven't provided a teaser picture (like last time), so I have nothing to match against.

  2. the SVGs are on the web server but not linked from anywhere, so Google won't help anyway, you have to guess the name. i think the hints are obvious enough, but if not and the interest is high, I *may* provide more.

  3. Hmm... ok, not linked from anywhre. But there are tons of *name*s out here, in the wild :-) How could I guess the first picture?

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  5. Sorry Tibi, removed the link, let the other people have fun with the hunting too.

  6. The last one is hyperspace, and the second one is red shirt, but I can't make the second one work. No redshirt, or red_shirt or red-shirt seem to work.

  7. Thanks muerte!
    Nicu - why does it read "mesa loser" in the last panel? Mesa is something I have problems with :-(

  8. @muerte: you have to articulate the word

    @anonymous: that's called "jar-jar speak"

  9. and BTW, great work muerte!